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McGrath Dental - Cosmetic Dentistry

McGrath Dental – Cosmetic Dentistry

Our patients choose a cosmetic dental procedures for various reasons.

Some seek to repair a natural imperfection such as an over or underbite, or crooked teeth which have never been corrected. Other dental patients may need to treat an injury to the face or jaw, or just improve their appearance and smile. Whatever your individual reason, our ultimate goal is to restore you with a natural looking, beautiful smile.

Look at some of the many possibilities for smile enhancement:

  • Gaps Between Teeth: Unsightly gaps between teeth can be closed using laminate veneers.
  • Replacing Missing Teeth: Missing teeth can be replaced using a fixed bridge or dental implant.
  • Uneven gums or Gummy Smile: Gummy smiles or an uneven gum line can be minimized with a combination of cosmetic gum surgery and porcelain veneers.
  • Metal Showing on your Gum Line: Crowns with metal showing at the gum line can be replaced with beautiful metal-free porcelain crowns.
  • Chipped, Fractured or Worn Teeth: More than just unsightly, there are usually function issues that contribute to this that we also address.
  • Crooked, Crowded or Protruding Teeth: Orthodontic tooth movement and cosmetic restorations can give your smile a whole new appearance.
  • Old, Dark, Metal Fillings: Replace your old, silver-mercury metal fillings with more natural looking porcelain.

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